Selah Murder Suspect Testifies



Murder suspect Michael Gorski took the stand this morning to testify in his own defense -- a rare move in a murder trial.

Gorski and Frank Brugnone are accused of killing Carolyn Clift in her Selah apartment in August of 1997.

Gorski testified to seeing Clift the night she was murdered, but now admits he denied that when investigators first interviewed him.

"I said 'no.' and he says 'you never went into the house?' at that point in time I went 'I need to tell this guy the truth.' but at that point in time, I felt I was in a catch-22," said Gorski.

Gorski said he did it to protect his family, and his former job as a furniture salesman.

"I felt like I was locked into me having to stick with my lie," said Gorski, "And I made a decision that wasn't a good one, and I stayed with that thinking they will catch who they need to catch."

Gorski also stated that he left Clift's apartment around 8 pm to meet with another woman for a few hours -- Clift's time of death was placed somewhere between 9 and 10-45 pm

Gorski's attorney says his client is taking this uncommon route because it will allow the jury to gain a better understanding of the suspect and hopefully prove his innocence.

"[it's] not just facts that are just being spewed out," said John Crowley, "If they get a feel for Mike Gorski, they can get an impression that they should trust Mike Gorski, and I believe they do, and I believe they will trust him."

We did speak to Carolyn Clift's family and prosecutors today about Gorski's testimony, but they told us they won't make any comments until after the trial.

The verdict for Gorski's co-defendant, Frank Brugnone, who is accused of being Gorski's accomplice, will be handed down by the judge as part of a bench trial.

Closing statements will be heard tomorrow morning.