Care-Givers Will Rally in Olympia Thursday

<p>Care-Givers Leave from Pasco</p>

Care-Givers Leave from Pasco

Hundreds of in-home caregivers from around the state are heading to Olympia to rally at the state capitol tomorrow for a pay raise.

About 30 caregivers from the Tri-Cities are joining the march, and they want a 50-cent increase, bringing their pay to $10.50 per hour.

Three hundred Washington caregivers have scheduled 100 meetings with lawmakers Thursday to lobby for that money in the next budget.

One local caregiver says it is not too much to ask for.
"it's not a big raise.  We have people living in poverty taking care of people living in poverty, and it's just not right.  We have to make it a profession where people want to stay in it, not drive them away, " says Bruce McCutcheon.

This would be their first pay raise in four years.    

The caregivers also hope to meet with Governor Inslee, but are not sure if he will be available to meet with them.