Gun Show Draws Big Crowd in Pasco

This weekend's gun show at the TRAC in Pasco attracted thousands of people.

With more than 300 vendors on hand selling a variety of guns and ammunition, it was difficult to maneuver through the crowds.

With the recent shootings making headlines and talks of gun reform, many people are nervous about possible new laws restricting firearms.

Organizers say people are afraid they'll be unable to purchase certain items and are buying all they can now, particularly ammunition.

"The hot item right not at the shows we're seeing is high capacity magazines, the 20 or 30 round magazines.  In December, right after the Newtown tragic event, those same high capacity magazines were selling retail for $16.99 - 17.99 and right now we're seeing the same ones sell for approximately $100," says Brian Kjensmo, gun show organizer.

Organizers and vendors say they don't see the demand for firearms and ammunition slowing down anytime soon.