Two Injured In Fire At Abandoned Home

An abandoned home in Yakima goes up in flames, and neighbors watch as those inside try to jump out of the windows to safety.

Dozens of firefighters battled the blaze spewing smoke from the cracks of a Fifth Avenue home.

Shortly before fire crews arrived, neighbors say the scene was like something out of a movie.

"The cops were trying to nab a couple people running out of the house," said Michael Ryckman, "And we saw two, three other people trying to get out of the house, trying to rip the boards off the window, trying to jump out."

Fire crews say the fire started around 10 o'clock on the 400 block of North Fifth Avenue.

Firefighters say at least 5 people were in the home when the fire started.

As some firefighters worked to punch holes throughout the structure, another team was able to pull out two men, who were uncounscious.

Those men have been taken to a local hospital, and are currently in critical condition.

It took about 45 minutes to knock down the fire.

Crews say it was mostly due to the fact that the house was boarded up with wood and other materials, making it hard for the fire to ventilate.

"The heat levels were just incredible in there," said battalion chief Tom Sevigny, "I mean, you look at the guys helmets, parts are melted on them. They were heroic today."

Michael Ryckman says he is also glad firefighters were able to brave the flames in order to rescue the two unconscious men, and won't forget an incident like this any time soon.

"I have seen fires before, but I've never really seen people trapped in and jumping out to get away from it like this," said Ryckman, "It was kind of odd."

The Yakima fire department says it is still investigating the cause of the fire.

Neighbors tell us the cause of the fire may have been due to drug use, but that has not yet been confirmed.