Suspect In 2011 Gang-Related Shooting Pleads Guilty



A Yakima man is facing up to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to murder in court today.

Patrick Bentley pleaded guilty to second degree murder and second degree assault today as part of a plea agreement.

Bentley was originally accused of first degree murder for for the death of 27 year old Alejandro Baldovino in March of 2011.  

Baldovino was gunned down in a gang related shooting.

Prosecutors say Bentley doesn't have an outstanding criminal record, and were okay with settling for a lesser charge.

"Most plea agreements, nobody's 100 percent satisfied, they're compromises," said prosecutor Troy Clements, "But 25 years is a long time for anyone. I think it's a fair resolution."

Bentley will be sentenced next Tuesday.