More Moses Lake Cows Positive for Bovine TB

<p>Dairy Cow</p>

Dairy Cow

Eleven more cows at a Moses Lake dairy have tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.

State Agriculture Department spokesman Hector Castro says the cows have been removed from the herd for more testing.

None of 1,350 cows in the herd can be moved while testing continues. Milk from the dairy is safe, because it is pasteurized.

The state started testing after the disease was found in a cow at a slaughterhouse. No meat from the cow entered the food chain.

Bovine TB is a highly contagious disease that can easily spread from one cow to another and to people who drink milk from an infected cow. But since pasteurization kills T-B, cases of transmission to humans are extremely rare.

Castro said the infected cow initially came from a dairy in Snohomish County. All the cows at that dairy tested negative. Cows at an operation near the Moses Lake dairy also were also tested and came back T-B free.

Castro said there will be more tests over the next several months.