Barbers Dish Out Super Bowl Themed Haircuts

<p>Ravens - 49ers</p>

Ravens - 49ers

Two Yakima barbers are offering their talents to fans of the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

Alex Sandoval and Gustavo Suarez work at Good Hair, in downtown Yakima.

Both barbers are doing custom hair cuts that include logos of one of the two teams competing in the Super Bowl this weekend.

Sandoval says the two thought of the idea in order to help bring more people into the business.

"People are stoked about the game, so it's going to be different to see some guy representing his team and other ways that other people don't usually do it," said Sandoval, "They've got a big fan base, so when it comes to a design, people are always willing to try out new things."

Sandoval says they've also done over a dozen Seahawks themed haircuts over the past few weeks as well.