Coaching A Contender

<p>Rich Guerin</p>

Rich Guerin

Rich Guerin displays a collection of framed photos, each with numerous mixed martial artists, past and present.

On the same wall is a photo of one of his greatest students -- Miesha Tate.

Guerin has coached Tate for well over 8 years, working in her corner for many of her bouts, always admiring her tenacity.

"She'll fight through a broken nose, she'll fight through most of the things most fighters crumble and break from," said Guerin, "She fights through it."

Tomorrow, his student will headline one of the biggest fights of her career  as part of UFC 168.

Tate will square off against her rival, Ronda Rousey, the same woman who defeated her a year ago while both were in the Strikeforce promotion, stripping her of one of her fighting titles.

"The dislike between these two is absoulutely genuine," said Guerin, "There's no scripting, it's not Dana White pulling their strings, they absolutely do not like each other."

Guerin says Tate's uncontrolled emotion and playing into Rousey's mind games ultimately cost her the first match.

It's been a weakness Tate has worked on over the past year.

Over the past year, the two were seen at each others throats on the Ultimate Fighter, a UFC reality show, fueling their rivalry and building up to tomorrow's matchup.

"Just like a father watching his son or daughter compete at the highest level, of course I'm anxious and nervous for her," said Guerin.

Barring any setbacks, Guerin believes his student has what it takes to pull the upset over the current reigning champ.

"However it ends up, win or lose, she's going to come through just fine," said Guerin.

Tate and Rousey will square of in the ring tomorrow night on Pay-Per-View.

The UFC event is scheduled to start at 7 pm.