14 Flights Cancelled Due to Foggy Weather

<p>Flights Cancelled</p>

Flights Cancelled

The fog rolled in yesterday, and has not left, leaving a thick layer of covering the Tri-Cities.    

14 flights in and out of the Tri-Cities Airport over the last couple of days have been cancelled because of the fog.   

The airport is flooded with people waiting for the opportunity to get on a plane.

One woman planned to head to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday but instead she's spending it here at the airport.

"Every single day we're not there, we're basically being charged. That's really depressing but hopefully we get refunded," said Maria Suom. 

A thick layer of fog made it's way over the Tri-Cities yesterday and last night and wouldn't budge this morning.

Another man headed to Vegas was told his flight would be rescheduled to this morning but when he arrived back at the airport bright and early, he received more bad news.

The plane he was supposed to fly on was diverted to Spokane and was stuck there.

"At like 7:30 a.m., they said 'It's too foggy and they haven't left Spokane,' this happened multiple times, they kept pushing it every half hour like, 'Oh it'll be here at 9:30 p.m., It'll be here at 10 a.m., at 10:30a.m.," and then at 11 they said 'We're canceling all that and were going to bus you up to Spokane," said Derek Atkinson.

The bus to Spokane did finally arrive this afternoon.

Another woman says she is just hoping for the best.

"It is what it is. It's just frustrating because they don't have any answers for us," said Crystal Vance.

The airport tells us flights on Delta and United are on schedule for the rest of the night but Allegiant flights to Phoenix and Las Vegas are cancelled.