Giving Back

<p>Toy Giveaway</p>

Toy Giveaway

Hundreds of children in the Lower Yakima Valley area are receiving a toy, and even a bicycle for Christmas this morning.

It's all made possible by White Swan local, Delbert Wheeler and his family.

Wheeler says he spent over a quarter of a million dollars buying out the toy section from the West Valley Wal Mart in Yakima.

Today those toys are being handed out to children living in low income communities -- Wheeler says he grew up in the same situation, and wanted to give back to his own community -- it's a tradition he started over ten years ago.

"It's for the children, it's for the impact for the children," said Wheeler, "And the children can see that somebody cares, and that somebody thinks about them during the times when they're not getting gifts and they don't have [anything]."

"Just the help he does for everybody definitely warms my heart," said Megan Takamori, "It's really inspiring."

Wheeler and his family own and operate several businesses in the White Swan area, including a gas station, logging company, and tobacco shop.