90 Year Old Uses Wake Money to Throw Himself a Birthday Party

Steve Buckingham turned 90 on Wednesday and decided that he is going to throw himself one heck of a birthday bash using the money that is supposed to be for his wake.

Buckingham has been planning this party for two years. The guest list includes 218 of his closest friends and family.

Steve has lived in the Tri Cities for 65 years.

It is where he meet his wife and where they raised their two kids.

He reminisced about what the Tri Cities was like when he moved here in 1947, shortly after the Cold War started and he was working for Hanford.

Steve said it was an intereting time for him and the other guys. Hanford was going through a huge expansion, this was their first job out of the military and first time having money of their own to spend.

So he bought a lot on the corner of Clearwater and Kellog and built the house that he still lives in today.

Now celebrating his 90th birthday Steve reflects on his journey in the Tri cities and Hanford with much appreciation and respect, but right now Steve is just ready to go to his much anticipated birthday party and isn't too worried about what that means for his wake.