The Tools to Make a Difference

<p>Lizbeth Maceda</p>

Lizbeth Maceda

Power saws and electric drills -- are a couple of things three members of a student run volunteer organization never thought they would ever lay hands on.

These young women are members of the Enactus group at Heritage University.

"As a child, I always volunteered, and I always liked helping out the community," said Lupe Jimenez-Rios, "So it already came easy to me to join Enactus."

Today they are learning how to use power tools to build furniture.

From there, the girls will be traveling to the country of Belize, to share what they've learned with some of the locals.

"I'm here at school studying business, I never thought I was going to be learning how to build stuff," said Lizbeth Maceda.

The group has traveled to Belize three times, each trip, showing the locals how to utilize the various resources in their community.

All of the tools being used are donated by members of the community, once the students are done, they will be donated to those in Belize.

"They've been able to interact with people, change peoples lives, but build their own self confidence in knowing that when they go forward and start their own careers, they have the ability to make things happen," said group advisor Leonard Black.

"It feels amazing, it feels nice to know that not just here in the community, in Washington, we're helping out students and other people here in the valley, but we're also helping out people in other countries as well," said Jimenez-Rios.

Enactus is still accepting power tool donations through the weekend.

The group will be leaving for Belize at the beginning of January.