Doc Hastings Discusses Affordable Care Act

<p>Doc Hastings</p>

Doc Hastings

Congressman Doc Hastings visits a local steel fabricator this morning in Yakima to speak with owners and employees.

Hastings spent the morning at Yakima Steel Fabricators, meeting with the company to discuss the potential impacts of the Affordable Care Act.

Hastings says the act will increase the cost of healthcare for small business owners and employees.

He says the only way both political parties will be able to cooperate, is if proposed bills are implemented into the act.

"But frankly, it won't happen until those Democrat senators that are facing reelection say, 'listen, I think it's time to modify parts or all of Obamacare,'" said Hastings, "and until that happens, we're stuck with the law the way it is right now."

The U.S. Department of Treasury announced today that all counties in Washington state will be able to receive small business tax credit to provide for employees -- that option was only available in Clark and Cowlitz counties before today.