A Warming Gift

<p>Blanket Donation</p>

Blanket Donation

A local Yakima man is looking to give back some warmth to the community this holiday season.

For four years, Dirk Bernd has been assembling fleece blankets every winter to deliver to homeless people in the area.

This year, Bernd wants to put together about 125 blankets, which will be distributed to local organizations such as the YWCA, the Union Gospel Mission and Rod's House.

Bernd, who was born and raised in Yakima, says he was inspired to start the charity after working with organizations in Seattle a few years ago.

"I got exposure through the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle, and the freezing nights they would go out in the vans to help out the homeless folks," said Bernd, "I saw these blankets and I just had a vision of creating a blanket drive to deliver blankets during the cold months."

Bernd says people interested in volunteering can come to the Harmon Center in Yakima between 10 am and 2 pm on Saturday.