How Parents Can Help Keep Their Kids Safe on The Internet

Based on the fact that Romero may have met the suspect in her disappearance online via Facebook, we wanted to again look into what parents can do and should know about their kids' social media behavior.

The two main recommendations shared with me for internet safety is to start  at a young age and there is nothing a parent can do that it too extreme if it means keeping your child safe.     

Ruth Fidino, a parent and parent education instructor, told me parents need to set rules and expectations about the inernet at a very young age.

She admitted that parents of teenagers find it harder to bring up the topic of internet safety because kids feel like they grew up with it and know more about it than their parents.

She said if devices are out in the open, in areas like the kitchen and living room, than they are easy to monitor. "If it is in the family living area and everyones using some kind of device to be online, they are sharing ideas and there is conversation then it is really easy to monitor what your children are doing and that becomes how your family deals with the internet," said Fidino.

If you think your child is hiding something from you on the internet or social media Fidono said it is perfectly fine to check their phone or log into their accounts.

In her professional opinion, anything you need to do to keep your child is worth it.