Baby, It's Cold Outside

There's a new December chill in the air, and it looks like it's here to stay -- the Yakima Valley area was hit by frost and chilly wind overnight, which carried on throughout the day today.

Adam Smidt and his friends are out at the skate park today, trying to ride the rails in freezing temperatures.

"It's pretty overcast, a little sun coming through, definitely makes it hard to skate with all the joints being cold," said Smidt.

Today our region was blasted by the cold.

Overnight temperatures dropped as low as the single digits, some elementary schools in the area had to cancel morning recess because it was too cold for the children, despite how bundled up they were.

Smidt says you can only wear so many layers before the chill takes over.

"I usually throw on a couple jackets, sweatshirt, sometimes a pair of gloves," said Smidt, "And definitely some warm socks."

At around 8 o'clock this morning, my phone said it was 5 degrees, cold enough to freeze the pond at Kiwanis Park.

It's a resource farmers say they hope they don't lose as the temperature continues to drop.

"Water is difficult this time of year, because it wants to freeze" said Ron Baron, "So what was an automatic operation before becomes a manual operation because it's so cold."

Baron owns livestock in Wapato, and says he's been spending the last few days making sure his cows have running water that hasn't frozen over.

Baron says most farm animals can survive in the cold weather on their own, as long they are fed well and watered, so that they have the energy to stay warm.

"These animals have to be fed by us, otherwise, they're grazing on pasture, and obviously they can do that by themselves," said Baron, "This time of year, there is no pasture."

Those we spoke with today are not lingering outside.

"I know Yakima is known to get really cold, so I'm kind of used to it," said Anthony Talbert, "But at least you have the sun out and stuff, but still the weather kind of stops you from doing a lot of [activities]."

Doctors say some ways you can stay warm this winter are eating foods with healthy fats, staying active, and adding spices to your meals.

Adding spices like ginger can help improve blood circulation and keep your body working.

As for your household pets--- the U.S. Humane Society says to keep them indoors as often as possible, make sure they are well fed and watered, and consider putting a Christmas sweater on them.