A Place to Call Home

<p>Mark Alvarez</p>

Mark Alvarez

After spending a number of years living in a trailer, Marcial Gaitan and his wife and two kids are finally homeowners.

The house was built for them by students in the YouthBuild program and Habitat for Humanity.

The program allows students and at risk youth to get a glimpse into construction, while helping serve their community

"It feels great that we  were willing and that we were able to give back to our community," said YouthBuild student, Isabel Gonzalez, "All summer long, we all put our dedication, our work, our effort into building this home for them. It feels pretty great."

"I'm so happy, because this is something you only dream about," said Gaitan, "It's not easy to get a home, and it's something that was a door that was open for us, it was an opportunity that was given. We're just so grateful."

Program organizers say the home is appraised at around $115,000, they've already started putting together plans to build a second home somewhere in the Toppenish area.