Saddlin' Up

Ranch owner Scott Repp is no stranger to the rodeo life, having served on the Ellensburg Rodeo Board for two decades.

Today, for the 11th straight year, he is hosting a competition at his home, the WestStar Ranch.

Over 200 pro and amateur ropers are competing for over $130,000 in cash and prizes.

"We put this event on, and it's blossomed," said Repp, "The first year, I think we had 30 teams and now every year we're close to 100 teams."

For the past 20 years, Repp has opened up his 60 acre ranch to hundreds of professional and amateur ropers from across the nation -- giving them a place to stay during the last leg of the rodeo season.

It also gives amateurs the chance to meet and compete with some of their biggest idols.

"Me being an amateur, roping with professionals, I'm a little nervous," said amateur roper, Jadon McClure, "They're probably a little bit more nervous because they don't want to miss with an amateur like me. But it is fun, it's laid back, it's a good time."

Pro's and amateurs camp out at the ranch between the middle of August to the middle of September, while they tour the NorthWest, competing at different rodeos.

They say the hospitality and the community built here over the years has made it a home away from home.

"My kids are over here playing in the pasture, they have crafts for them, the prize money that's up and stuff is nice, but the hospitality that they give is just unprecedented," said two-time world champion roper, Patrick Smith, "There's nobody else that does what they do throughout the year."
"These kids are getting worn down, they need a place to rest up, and a place to stay," said Repp, "Just to kind of chill out a little bit the last month of the rodeo season."

All the proceeds from today's rodeo will benefit the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame.