Coming Full Circle

<p>Dean Shirey</p>

Dean Shirey

89 days and 16,000 miles later, Dean Shirey is finally home.

Dozens of friends, family, and supporters welcomed him as he completed the last leg of his journey, a journey that became a mission.

"I knew that this was something that Terry, my mother in law Daisy, and people were counting on me," said Shirey.

About a year ago, Dean lost his brother Terry to skin cancer.

In May, he decided to honor Terry and the treatment center he stayed at by riding his motorcycle along the border of the United States.

In 3 months, he raised over $11,000, and collected countless pictures of those affected by cancer.

"Everybody has a story, that's what struck me, everybody had a story, everybody's lost someone or has someone who is fighting cancer now," said Shirey, "I knew it was an epidemic, I didn't realize how widespread it was."

All the money Dean has raised so far, and will continue to raise, will go to North Star Lodge and it's patients, and contribute to the search to find a cure for cancer.

"That's just a tremendous asset we have here in the Yakima Valley; to have people like dean who step up and give their time, their resources, and raise money for a worthy cause." Said Yakima Valley Memorial spokesperson, Leif Ergeson.

For Dean Shirey, that cause is sealed in a pendant around his neck, it carries some of Terry's ashes.

"He is smiling down on me right now, and he is as proud of me as I was of him," said Shirey, "I'm ten feet tall right now."

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