Cassidy Almquist Doing Much Better

<p>Cassidy Feeling Better</p>

Cassidy Feeling Better

The 18-year-old Kennewick girl who fell 50 feet from a swing at church camp that left her paralyzed from the waist down is doing much better than she was just weeks ago.

Cassidy Almquist  said she has feeling from her knees up and can feel small pains below her knees, which her parents said is remarkable progess from when she first got to the hospital last month.

Cassidy arrived home from Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle Wednesday, just in time to celebrate her 18th birthday the next day.

Local members of the community helped remodel the Almquist home to meet Cassidy's needs, like a new ramp to get to the front door, a new bathroom an easily accessable bedroom.

Cassidy said she knows she will walk again and said it's just good to be home.

"I remember in the beginning, I was scared and I heard things from the nurses that I would never walk again and I was really crushed," said Cassidy. "But now that I can feel feel up to my knees and I have pain down to my feet, I have a lot of hope that I will walk."

Cassidy's parents said she will return to Seattle in two weeks for physical therapy on her arm and then again in a few months for physical therapy on her legs.

They said she will likely homeschool for at least the first few months of her senior year at Sourthridge High School in Kennewick.