Local Vet's Claim of Being a SEAL Refuted

<p>Denny Enyeart</p>

Denny Enyeart

Friday we brought you the story of Vietnam War veteran Denny Enyeart on our weekly Wear Red segment, part of our continuing series of stories honoring the troops. Since we aired the story, we have received several emails from both retired and acting Navy SEALS refuting Enyeart's claim that he was a SEAL himself.

We have since learned that Mr. Enyeart's name does not show up on any Navy SEAL database as either a SEAL or a trainee. We met Mr. Enyeart through his affiliation with the Columbia Basin Veterans Coalition. Representatives told us today they are surprised to learn of this new information. We did speak to Mr. Enyeart again today, and he stands by his claim that he was a SEAL.

While we appreciate and certainly respect Mr. Enyeart's service to the country, when we are asked an important question about the accuracy of one of our stories, we want to make sure the information we are providing for our viewers is right.       

As of right now, we cannot state Mr. Enyeart was indeed a SEAL. We apologize for the mistake, and we will keep updated you if any new information becomes available.