Colockum-Tarps Fire at 60% Containment

<p>Colockum-Tarps Fire</p>

Colockum-Tarps Fire

Fire crews are making progress on the Colockum-Tarps Fire, which has reached 60% containment.

But people are still displaced while crews make sure the fire doesn't spread any further into Kittitas County.

The fire's burned for about a week and a half and has scorched about 125 square miles of land, fifteen miles short of the acreage of Seattle.

About 800 firefighters are on the front lines burning away fuels that could potentially add to the fire.

Fire investigators recently announced they believe it was caused by humans, but no suspects or further details have been released.

Cecelia Armijo, who lives just a few miles from the fireline, says her family can see the devestation near her home.

"[my husband] Went out and they could see how much it's really burned; the west side of the Columbia as you're looking towards the West," said Armijo, "It's pretty extreme fire damage, but I'm hoping that this is going to be the week that it will be really contained."

Red Cross volunteers tell us officials plan on lifting level 3 evacuations tomorrow, if containment efforts go as planned.