Girl Struck By Car While Riding Bike

Dennis Pierce works at an auto shop on the corner of East Moxee Avenue.

He says his day was coming to a close last night, when he heard a loud crash outside.

"When I ran around the corner, I noticed a bicycle and a little girl laying in the street," said Pierce.

Police say a 69-year-old woman was heading eastbound on the street, when she struck a six-year-old girl on her bike.

Police say it's unclear whether the girl had accidentally crossed into the roadway or not.

She suffered a head injury, broken rib, punctured liver, and broken arm.

Dennis was one of the people trying to keep her conscious.

"We tried not to move her, and to wait for the ambulance," said Pierce, "It was obvious that she was hurt really bad."

She was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle -- where she's currently in stable condition.

That section of road remained closed for a number of hours.

Neighbors say police stayed at the scene trying to piece together what led to the accident.

Police don't believe intoxicants or excessive speed played a part in the accident -- the driver has cooperated fully with the investigation.

Dennis Pierce simply hopes he'll see the girl riding through his neighborhood again soon.

"She got hit really hard," said Pierce, "You just hope that long term, she's going to be okay."