APT Fire Victims May Soon Get Housing

Franklin County Commissers are expected to approve a request from the Benton-Franklin Department of Human sServices for more than $60,000 to help find permanent housing for displaced residents of the Sacajawea Apartment fire.

The fire took place on July 20th, forcing all tenants of the 65 unit building in Pasco out of their homes and into a Red Cross shelter at Pasco High School.

With school beginning in just a few weeks, all the residents must be out of the shelter.

The Red Cross said they have made significant progress in placing tenants so far, but they still have a number of people to go.

"Money is put aside in an account for emergencies like this one," said Franklin County Commissioner Rick Miller. "There's plenty in the account and this is exactly what it needs to be used for."

Human Services said the Community Action Center will place the residents and send an invoice for all expenses to Human Services who will reimburse them.