Neighbors testify in Jacobsen manslaughter trial

<p>Kelli Anne Jacobsen</p>

Kelli Anne Jacobsen

Testimony continues today in the trial of a former nanny accused of killing the one year-old child she was watching over nearly two years ago.

This morning, neighbors who were home when paramedics responded to Ryder Morrison's injuries testified in court.

Neighbor Danielle Crawford says her daughter first told her that Ryder was hurt, and she ran out of her house and over to Ryder's home to see what the problem was.

Kelli Anne Jacobsen was watching over Ryder at the time.

Crawford says when she arrived at the home, Jacobsen told her Ryder had fallen.

Jacobsen later told police she was in the kitchen when she heard a loud thump in the living room where Ryder was, and when she went to check on him, he was lying on his back unconscious.

Crawford says while Jacobsen called 911, she held Ryder to look for injuries and only saw one small bruise on his back.

However, Crawford says she could tell Ryder was not in good health.

"His eyes, they were rolled back in his head, and he was breathing very hard - not normal. He was fighting to breath and he was limp" said Crawford.

"Ryder had far too many bruises with a majority of them being in the wrong place for normal injuries. So again, these are highly directive to his being an abuse victim" said Dr. Kenneth Feldman, Seattle Children's Hospital.

Jacobsen told paramedics Ryder had fallen off a toy about six inches tall.

But today, two doctors testified that a fall like that would not cause the severe injuries Ryder sustained.

They testified Ryder's bruises and bone fractures were indicative of child abuse.

One doctor testified Ryder's fractures could be the result of being jerked, twisted, or even shaken.

The Richland police officer who initially interviewed Jacobsen at the hospital after Ryder was taken to the ER testified that Jacobsen told her that Tawney Johnson - who is Ryder's mom, would never hurt Ryder.

Another neighbor who was home when paramedics arrived at Ryder's home described Jacobsen's demeanor as cold and disconnected.

Crawford testified Jacobsen was very calm when calling 911.

She says she actually thought Jacobsen was talking with a family member.