Brown Proposes Religious Freedom Bill

<p>New State Senator Sharon brown being sworn in</p>

New State Senator Sharon brown being sworn in

An interesting bill has been introduced in the Washington state senate by eighth district senator Sharon Brown--the relgious protection freedom act
Under Brown's proposal no one could be forced to act in a manner contrary to their religious and philosophical beliefs, or against their conscience.        Brown tells us she began thinking about the need for the bill after a Senate resolution last week honoring religious freedom,  and realized that there is no official law in the state ensuring religious rights. In a conversation with Your Local ABC Friday, Brown told us what this law is not intended to do
"I just want to say this bill has been so misconstrued," said Brown. "It is in no way an attemp to undo the state's 2006 anti-discrimination law that made sexual orientation a protected class. To the contrary, this bill's intended to extend anti-discrimination laws to protect religious freedom as well."                Proposed bills remain valid for two years, so despite the fact that the regular session ends this weekend, this bill could be considered during a special session or even during next year's session