Ellensburg School Bond Failing By A Small Margin

Christa Dietz lives right across from Morgan Middle School, where her son, a sixth grader, attends school.

Dietz says she has been in the dark for the past 24 hours regarding a vote that would issue the Ellensburg School District enough funds to build a new middle school.

"It makes me tense, since I didn't know," said Dietz, "I didn't know before, but now that I know, I'm really hoping that it is there."

The Ellensburg School District asked voters to approve a 39 million dollar bond to construct a new middle school near Ellensburg High School.

The current middle school building is partially closed off because of safety concerns, increasing the use of portables.

As of this afternoon, the count shows the bond failing by just a fraction -- a third of a percentage point.

That's not including the ballots mailed in to the Kittitas County Aauditor -- those will be counted over the next few days.

Remember, a bond measure must receive at least 60 percent voter approval to pass.

Superintendent Paul Farris says this is the fourth attempt to ask voters to approve a bond, and the closest election to date.

I've received some messages from other school district administrators that are words of encouragement," said Dr. Farris, "We're very hopeful that it will end up as a positive outcome."

The school district says if the bond were to pass, the new middle school would be constructed right next to the high school where it's eighth graders are currently being taught at.

"It's very important that our students are in a place where they not only can obtain the best education they can, but one that also provides safety and security," said Dr. Farris

"Please let those dozens or whatever votes we need be there, so that it will pass," said Dietz.

The Kittitas County Auditor says it could take up to a week before all the ballots are tallied -- we'll let you know what the results are.