Fire Burns Through Terrace Heights Home

Shane Yuzuik packed what was left of his belongings this morning.

At around eight last night, Yuzuik and his wife and child returned from a family outing, to find their home destroyed.

"I saw the caution tape, I got out of the car and walked around the corner and saw my house was gone," said Yuzuik, "Everything in it was gone... It was burnt."

East Valley firefighters say the fire broke out at this home on the 300 block of 34th Street around 7 o clock.

Crews were able to knock down the fire in a matter of minutes, however, the fire had already consumed most of the structure and it's belongings.

Today, investigators were out trying to determine a cause for the fire.

Neighbors told firefighters they heard a number of shots coming from the home around the time fire started.

Firefighters say Yuzuik did own ammunition, however they don't believe that was the cause of the blaze.

"We arrived about the same time that started developing in that stage of the fire," said East Valley Fire Chief, Michael Riel, "The investigator's here, he'll continue his investigation this morning and try to come to a cause and determination."

And while investigators work to piece together those events, Shane Yuzuik says he'll try to maintain a positive mindset.

"It's not the material things that are important to us, or our clothes, or the stuff that was lost in the fire but, the ultimate outcome will better us," said Yuzuik, "We will learn to press on and press in to the people around us and our community."