More Women Taking Gun Safety Classes

Hoping to better protect themselves and their families, more and more women are learning how to shoot a gun.

Double Diamond Tactical in Milton-Freewater, Oregon held it's "Ladies Only" gun safety class over the weekend.

Instructors say there's been a recent increase in females purchasing and owning guns.

By enrolling in a safety class, women become familiar with different kinds of guns and how they work.

The class allows participants to not only learn how to shoot a gun or rifle, but how to do so confidently.

"I think it was an awesome class for women and for others in general and for people who are new to weapons or haven't handled them in a long time," said one student who participated.

Instructor Jeff Pierce adds, "Self taught YouTube video training doesn't work because you can't correct what you're doing if you can't see what you're doing.  If you don't have an instructor that's trained or experienced in doing that, that's when dangerous things happen."

Pierce says you don't have to own a gun to enroll in a class as guns and ammo are provided.

Once enrolled, participants will spend typically 3-4 hours in the classroom and then about 2-3 hours on the range.