New Brewery Opening This Weekend

Scrubbing tanks, filling taps, and responding to an never-ending wave of emails -- for the past few days, workers at the Bale Breaker Brewing Company have been putting these finishing touches on their beer making facility as they prepare to open for business.

After a year of planning, and almost an additional year of construction, the company is finally ready to open it's doors to the public this weekend.

"We've been working on this project for so long, and it's going to feel really good to share our beer with everyone, and share our facility," said co-owner Meghann Quinn, "We're really excited with how it turned out."

But this isn't your average brewery -- you won't find it in industrialized areas around town.

In fact, in order to find it, you'll have to travel to the same place the beer ingredients come from-- a hop farm.

The brewery is surrounded by over 30 acres of hops. 

Owners also say it's the only production and craft site they know of located on a commercial hop farm -- that was a  unique point they wanted to capitalize on.

"Iit also coincides pretty well with the wine industry that's here," said Meghann's husband, Kevin Quinn, "People like to go visit wineries that are in vineyards, so putting a brewery in a hop field works pretty well."

Owners believe that feature will give them a leg up on the competition.

"To be able to have the consumers come out and tour through a hop field and walk through and be able to pick the hops off the vine and smell them and get that close connection; it's really an interesting piece to our story that a lot of other breweries can't quite replicate," said Meghann Quinn.

The Bale Breaker Brewing Company will host a grand opening at its facility on 1801 Birchfield Road in Moxee -- that will run from noon to 8 pm on Saturday.