Collins Tuohy Visits Yakima

<p>Collins Tuohy</p>

Collins Tuohy

An NFL player's sibling visits Yakima to help raise money for a local organization.

Collins Tuohy, better known as Baltimore Raven's Lineman Michael Oher's adoptive sister, toured the YWCA facility this morning.

Tuohy is currently part of the Making it Happen Foundation, an organization dedicated to changing children's lives through community programs.

She says the YWCA is one of the many programs nationwide that need more community support.

"You have to offer that hand, and people have to want the help," said Tuohy, "This is such a wonderful opportunity to combine the two. YWCA is reaching out and saying 'we're here, and we're here to help.' There are people that need it, and they are coming here to receive that help."

Tuohy was also the featured speaker at the YWCA's Leadership Luncheon today.