Pasco police searching for shooting suspect

<p>Jose Isidro Cisneros</p>

Jose Isidro Cisneros

Pasco police are searching for a man suspected of shooting three people outside a motel last night.

The shooting took place around 9 PM, outside a room on the second floor of the Thunderbird Motel on Columbia Street.

Police believe 27 year-old Jose Isidro Cisneros is the shooter.

Investigators believe Cisneros got in an argument with several people staying in another room.

During the argument, Cisneros allegedly went back to his room, and came back out with a sawed off shotgun.

Police believe he fired one shot, and the pellets hit three people.

Two of the victims received minor injuries.

The third received major trauma to the head.

We spoke with an employee at the motel today who says the shooting is not very surprising.

She says the motel is not a very safe place to stay, and she is still shaken over the incident.

"I heard the shooting. I don't know, I was so scared. I looked to my daughter, my son, so I don't know, I called the cops and I saw one guy come in, he was shot, and I don't know, I was so so scared" said Maria Granados, motel employee.

Police believe Cisneros is a Pasco resident.

They say he left the motel in a 2001 Maroon Pontiac Grand Am.

The vehicle has an Oregon license plate: XYM 127.

Officers also believe Cisneros left with the shotgun used in the assault.

If you have any information on where he may be, you're asked to contact Pasco police.

Investigators are trying to determine what the argument was all about.

All three victims are from Pasco.