No Charges in Finley Shooting

The Benton County prosecutor decides a Finley man was justified when he shot and killed another man outside his home two weeks ago.

The shooting took place on March 22nd outside a Finley home on East Bowles Road.

Deputies say 53 year-old Jerry Barton got in a heated argument with his step-father, 74 year-old Oliver James Smith.

Smith's grandson, 24 year-old Timothy Brown who lives next door, heard the argument, and ran out of his house with a gun.

Investigators say Brown fired two warning shots into the air, and saw his grandfather on the ground, with Barton standing over him.

Brown says Barton then lunged toward him and grabbed his wrists, but he fired the gun again, shooting Barton.

"So based on all that information, under Washington state law, it is clear that Mr. Brown's actions were legally justified and probably were the actions that those of us at this table probably would have taken under the same situation" said Andy Miller, Benton County prosecutor, during a news conference today.

Smith went to a hospital after the incident, but he was released later that day.

Investigators say he is doing fine.

The Benton County coroner has ruled Barton's death a homicide.

However, the coroner's ruling does not indicate any criminal activity.

No charges will be filed.