Hundreds of Caregivers Gather in Kennewick for Conference

<p>Caregivers Conference</p>

Caregivers Conference

Stress of everyday life can take a toll on anyone but when a family member needs 24-hour care, the situation can become overwhelming.

More than 200 caregivers attended an annual conference in Kennewick today to learn how to deal with the challenges of caring for somebody around the clock.

Several vendors and speakers attended the event, offering their help in assisting the needs of caregivers.

Attendants learned how to identify and treat their own stress and other issues they face when caring for their loved ones.

"I think one of the biggest challenges is that they feel like they're in it all by themselves and they don't know that there are resources out there that can be helpful to them. And you know , they're with the person they're caring for usually 24 hours a day so they really need to find the resources that they can and to know that they're not alone" said Karen Hayes, Event Coordinator.

If you weren't able to make it to the conference and would like to know more about tips for caregivers, click here.