Flood Level Warning Issued For Naches Area

<p>Naches River</p>

Naches River

Clare Weeman has lived at her home located on the banks of the Naches River since she was a young woman.

During that time, she's had to evacuate her home several times due to severe flooding.

"It flooded this whole area where we're standing right here," said Weeman, "We had to leave and we were gone for three months before we could come back in."

The National Weather Service issued a warning, advising people in the Naches area about a rise in water levels this weekend.

The levels are expected to reach just under 16 feet, which is the flood level.

Some areas east of Ellensburg have already experienced minor flooding.

Homeowners who live on the south side of the Naches River say they really aren't concerned about this year's flooding with a dike that was constructed years ago.

The National Weather Service says those who don't have this kind of feature may want to be a little bit more prepared.

Some tips to help keep your home from suffering water damage include, keeping your gutters clean, making sure there is an exit flow for water that flows onto your property, and installing a sump pump in your home.

"You need to review your location and see if water levels near 16 feet does impact your home," said meteorologist Michael Vescio.

Although she's lived through many floods, Clare Weeman admits she still gets a little tense every year.

"If we're going to have really warm weather Friday, that could be a factor we haven't had before," said Weeman, "Because our weather is extremely warm. I usually have a coat on."

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