Extended Hours for Planned Parenthood

<p>Planned Parenthood Kennewick</p>

Planned Parenthood Kennewick

Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho will extend its hours to Saturdays at the Kennewick location starting this week.    

Many people say it's a very important decision because for many working adults, Saturday hours just make sense.

The decision to extend hours came after hundreds of comment card responses, which the agency says reflects the communities' needs.

More than 35, 000 clients pass through the doors of Planned Parenthood's nine locations in Benton and Franklin Counties. Counselors say sixty percent of their clients don't have any other source of healthcare.

Development Officer Mark Lee says it's really about adjusting days and times for people's schedules who can't make it in during the week.

"If you're a working mother, if you're a working adult, it's hard to get here on a weekday so Saturday is a great choice to be open. You know, so working parents can get here," said Lee.

"I think it's really good because people who work don't get a chance to come before the office is closed. Now we have that chance and not rush it like I ususally do," says client Karen Pacheco.

Extended hours start this Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

Planned Parenthood also offers many other basic health services aside from birth control and STD testing. The agency says 93 percent of the outreach it does is preventative.  They