UPDATE: Cause of Pasco Fire

<p>Jennifer Vandinter and son Christopher</p>

Jennifer Vandinter and son Christopher

<p>Josephine and Sara Serrano</p>

Josephine and Sara Serrano

Pasco Fire Battalion Chief David Hare reports improper handling of materials after a bar-b-que fire was the cause of the blaze at 2210 West Henry early Monday morning.

Hare also says the rekindling of the fire several hours after firefighters had already doused the flames was caused by the power to the building not being cut.

The bottom two apartments of the fourplex have suffered water damage, but are mostly intact. However the top two apartments are destroyed from both fire and water.

The American Red Cross says the nineteen displaced residents include 11 children, who are currently being housed at the Red Lion Inn in Pasco for the next two days.


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An early morning residential fire leaves five families homeless today in Pasco.

Nineteen people, including 11 children, need emergency housing, food and clothing after the fire, which started this morning at around 1am.

The blaze took place at a fourplex on West Henry Street between 24th and 22nd Avenues.

The Pasco Fire Department says nobody was hurt, but the building is in shambles because of the fire damage to the top units and water damage to the lower units.

Sara Serrano says her mother and two sibblings lived in one of the apartments but there is not much left after the fire.

A neighbor, Jennifer Vandinter, was providing victims water and blankets while and her son, 10-year-old Christopher was doing his part too.

"We brought some of the kids from the house to our house. I helped them get settled into our house, and then we put on movies for them to watch until they got taken to the motel," said Christopher.

The American Red Cross is providing emergency 72-hour housing at the Red Lion Hotel. They will also be providing food and clothing for the next several weeks. The Red Cross is working with other local agencies to place these families in apartments in the very near future.

The Pasco Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the fire.