Organization Trying To Reduce Energy Costs

 A Mid-Columbia group hoping to reduce power rates across the state- speaks out on the need for change.

They are called the Citizens for P.O.W.E.R. which stands for protecting our Washington energy rates.
The group is trying to amend an initiative called the Energy Independence Act.
Today leaders of the organization say they dont want to change the intent of the initiative they just want to improve it, by only allowing utility companies to purchase energy when they need it.

For example the organization says the Benton PUD has enough energy to supply customers for the next  20 years- and Citizens for P.O.W.E.R doesn't want them to purchase any more energy until theres is used up.

Farmers say they are impacted by rising costs, and when they have to bump their prices, we're the ones feeling the heat.

"Eventually with all farms as costs go up prices have to follow or we can not produce the food that feeds the world," says Tom Mackay.