Pasco to Vote on New School Bond

Voters in Pasco will have the chance to vote in February on a new school bond that would bring two new elementary school, an early learning center and other construction projects to the district.

The Pasco School Board unanimously approved the new $46 million bond at Tuesday night's meeting.

A $59 million bond was rejected by voters in 2011 that would have built a middle school among other other buildings.

John Morgan, Pasco School District, said the middle school plan on the last bond cost too much money and this new bond is much more affordable for homeowners.

"We've gone back, we've taken citizen comment and I think the driving factor always is what does it cost to me and what do I get for it," Morgan said. "I think the return is extremely beneficial to the district and the community."

The district has been dealing with overcrowding for the past several years and the new elementary schools will help ease the concerns of high class sizes and the possibility of multi-track, year round schooling.

The new bond will cost homeowners $.34 for every $1,000 assessed in property taxes, or about $34 dollars for every $100,000 per year.

The 2011 bond was asking for $.95 cents per $1,000 and it did not receive the 60% vote it needed to pass.

Morgan said if it passes, all three schools will be open by the 2015-2016 school year.