Carousel Project Moving Ahead

The Three Rivers Carousel Foundation has raised nearly $1.5 million in sponsorships for the carousel project.

The foundation told the Kennewick City Council that it is on track for raising its $1.9 million goal, and hopes to start construction on the project in the fall.

The 100-year-old carousel has been the focus of a decade long debate about where to put the antique ride and how it will be funded.

Last year, the council told the foundation it will no longer use any taxpayer money to help fund the project, and if it is going to be built it will need to be through private money.

Since January, the foundation has raised the $1.5 million dollars, drawn up renderings and proposals and has coordinated with the city on leasing options.

If construction does start on time, the foundation hopes to have a grand opening in July of 2013 for the carousel at the Southridge Sports and Event Complex.