CWU Students Teach Overseas

<p>Students On Guam</p>

Students On Guam

Central Washington State University instructors and their students return home after spending a summer abroad.

Instructors Mark Perez and Stefan Ward, along with 28 students, spent about three weeks on the island of Guam, providing physical education and wellness lessons to the young people.

The trip provided Central students the opportunity to earn credits, while gaining firsthand experience in PE.

Perez, a native of Guam, says he is glad he can give back to the community he grew up in.

"It's just exciting to be able to share what I've learned out here, what my colleagues and I have learned, to bring it back and help the people. Because it's still a connection, and I would like to continue to do that. It's very important," said Perez.

"Working with children and the number of children in the facilities. And being able to adapt in the moment was an awesome learning experience for me there," said CWU student Mary Johnson.

Both instructors plan on visiting Guam with students every summer.