City Planning To Fight Against Slaughter Facility

<p>City of Hermiston</p>

City of Hermiston

The City of Hermiston is preparing to fight the possible construction of a horse slaughter facility outside the city limits.

The land was purchased about 6 months ago at the I-82, and I-84 interchange. The slaughtering facility would slaughter 150 to 200 horses per day.

The land is outside the city limits of Hermiston and as of right now is zoned exclusively for farm use.

The horse slaughter plant would be one of the only ones in the United States and would slaughter horses to export the meat.

The mayor says the facility would be one of the first things visitors to Hermiston would see and would ultimately harm the community's image.
        "We don't need that its not an asset to our community its a detriment because we are looking for a positive feeds, rather than a negative, we don't see theres any reason that we should be known as the horse slaughter plant of the United States, cuz we would be the only one," says Bob Severson.

The owners of the property have not submitted a proposal to the Umatilla County Planning Department - but if they do the mayor says they will appeal it.