Wild Rose Fire Threatening 25 Homes

<p>Wild Rose Fire</p>

Wild Rose Fire

A fire is threatening 25 homes west of Naches -- and while there is no evacuation order, people are preparing to leave.

Bill Burkett packed up belongings from his home in the Rimrock Resort area, just west of Naches.

The home has been a part of he and his wife Carol Burkett's life since it was built by her father in the 1940's.

When the Burkett's heard about a fire potentially threatening their property, they immediately headed here from Federal Way, where they now live.

"When we got up in the morning, we started putting hoses out and watering everything down. And started packing up our things," said Burkett.

The fire, dubbed the Wild Rose Fire, is part of the Yakima Complex Fire, which started during a lightning storm a week and a half ago.

The fire grew to more than 2,000 acres as of today, and is threatening 25 homes, including the Burkett's.

About 350 firefighters are battling the flames, which have spread to the very top of the hills, just above those houses and only about a half a mile away.

Fire crews have been working day and night to construct fire lines from the very bottom of the hill to the top.

That way, they can protect all the houses that lie on the hill.

"We're staying one step ahead of things. Crews are scraping the ground, getting that containment line in place in case we were to need it," said Fire Information Officer Seth Barnes.

Bill Burkett says he is confident firefighters will stop the fire, but it's proximity still has him and his wife on edge.

"I'm really impressed with the efforts they're making to contain the fire. But it's a real concern because it's coming in really close to the ridges over here," said Burkett.

Crews say the fire is currently 15%c ontained, but hope to have it closer to 50% by the end of the day.