Richland City Council Nixes Proposed Condos

A group of south Richland residents are breathing a sigh of relief today, after the Richland City Council stops a developer from building high-density condos in their neighborhood.

The residents say having high-density condos in the area would create traffic congestion, safety problems, and the homes just wouldn't fit in with their quiet neighborhood.

Kennewick developer, TMT Homes wanted to built a 44 unit complex on the lower slope of Badger Mountain, above Meadow Hills Drive.

The units would be divided into four seven-story buildings.

The neighborhood is zoned for single family homes, so TMT Homes asked the city to allow higher density zoning for the condos.

But last night, the Richland City Council denied that request.

Today, we spoke with residents who say they are happy their neighborhood won't change.

"I do like it the way it is. It's nice, it's peaceful. Everything is as we thought it would be when we moved in" said Craig Conner, resident.

"You put in 44 units with families and stuff down in the proposed area that they were going to stick that in and it becomes very traffic congestion, plus safety concerns for kids and everything else" said Michael Madison, resident.

Some residents say they are still concerned the developer may return to the city council with a different plan to put condos in the area.

We tried getting in touch with the developer to see what plans, if any, it has to continue this project on a smaller scale.

However, the developer was not available for comment.