Gov. Gregoire speaks in Kennewick about the legacy of Hanford

<p>Gov. Gregoire</p>

Gov. Gregoire

Governor Gregoire visits the Tri-Cities today to talk about the legacy of Hanford and how work there must continue after she leaves office.

She spoke to community leaders at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick this afternoon, during what could be her last trip to the Tri-Cities as Governor.

The Governor says fighting for Hanford and being involved in the work there has been one of the highlights of her career.

She says the work at Hanford is making a big impact in the community.

Governor Gregoire says aside from creating jobs in the area, the cleanup work is moving forward.

So far, 10 million tons of soil and debris have been removed from near the Columbia River, and nine reactors have been cacooned.

The Governor says every American should know the story of Hanford, especially as future generations prepare to complete the clean up work.

"The story of this region is unique. It needs to be told to everyone. Even in Washington, the most innovative state in the nation, this community is one of the most innovative communities in the state. There is little doubt in my mind that for years to come, great things will come out of this region to benefit not just the state, but our world" said Governor Gregoire.

Governor Gregoire asked community leaders to continue to put pressure on the state's and nation's leaders after November's election to make sure Hanford continues to receive funding for the clean up work.

She also says community leaders need to continue to fight for a permanent storage facility for all the waste at Hanford.

Governor Gregoire also toured the Waste Treatment Plant this morning.

Her last day in office is January 16th.