Hermiston issues consumer notice about water line insurance

From the City of Hermiston:

The City of Hermiston has been receiving questions from concerned homeowners in recent days about solicitations they’ve been receiving from a company called Home Serve.

The solicitations concern “water service line coverage".

The company offers an optional water line insurance program.

The City of Hermiston advises residents that Home Serve is not associated with the City of Hermiston, and that the mailings are being generated by Home Serve as a solicitation for business, not as an advisory by the city.

The City of Hermiston is responsible for repair of the portion of water lines that lie in the public right of way.

Hermiston homeowners continue to be responsible for repair of the portion of their water service lines that lie on their private property.

As with other insurance matters, homeowners must evaluate and decide for themselves whether the potential benefits of insurance coverage through Home Serve is worth the cost.