September 11th Ceremony

Kennewick 9/11 Memorial

Kennewick 9/11 Memorial

The public is invited to the September 11th Memorial at the Southridge sports complex in Kennewick for a "Moment of Remembrance".

Tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

The memorial on Highway 395 in Kennewick is a 30 foot steel column that was recovered from the  World Trade Center - it was dedicated in a ceremony last year.  Tuesday evening at 6pm a ceremony will be held to remember the victims of the attacks.

Earlier in the day, the Frateral Order of Police is holding its 11th annual 9/11 Memorial Run at 8:30am.
The run starts at the Kennewick Police Department, goes through Columbia Park and finishes at Kamiakin High School.