Firefighters Contain Two Yakima County Brushfires

<p>Fire From the Ahtanum Ridge</p>

Fire From the Ahtanum Ridge

Many firefighters are getting a well-deserved Labor Day off, after spending the weekend battling two brushfires in Yakima County.

Crews managed to contain both the Wenas Lake and Ahtanum Ridge fire this weekend.

Thomas Mitchell described the explosions he heard when a trailer next door went up in flames this weekend.

It was that home and 6 outbuidlings burned this weekend after a brush fire near Wenas Lake scorched about 1,600 acres.

The trailer belongs to a family in Seattle, and Thomas thought his house was next.

"When I saw the single-wide trailer going up, it was like a terrible inferno and I just figure the house was gone. It was a terrible feeling, I was scared -- I was very scared," said Mitchell.

The fire started friday afternoon near Wenas Road -- it forced the occupants of 30 homes to evacuate-- firefighters from around the region had the flames fully contained yesterday.

And while firefighters worked to contain the fire at Wenas Lake, another one sparked at the Ahtanum Ridge just a few hours later, stretching the number of personnel between two different hot spots.

Around 6pm Friday, crews from West Valley, Gleed, and the Yakama Nation turned their attention to the Ahtanum Ridge fire, which crews managed to contain Saturday.

That fire burned about 700 acres, and no structures were lost.

Shannon Ostriem lives just a few hundred feet from where the fire was stopped, and says her home is lucky to have survived.

"You always think 'oh, thank god that's not happening to us,' but when it does happen to you, it's like 'oh god, it can happen to you,' and you're not ever safe," said Ostriem.

And as for Thomas Mitchell, he says experiencing his first major fire was nothing like he had seen on the news.

"I thought alot about the people up in Cle Elum, and I've never thought I'd experience it myself though," said Mitchell.

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of both fires.