Rob McKenna speaks with supporters in Kennewick

<p>Rob McKenna</p>

Rob McKenna

Washington gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna stops in the Tri-Cities today for the last time before election day next week.

The Attorney General met with dozens of supporters at the republican headquarters in Kennewick this morning.

McKenna says he is very pleased with the momentum his campaign has had during the last few weeks.

So far, volunteers at republican call centers across the state have made more than one million phone calls.

Volunteers in Kennewick have made 200,000 of those.

"I feel like we've got an excellent chance. And if we execute our game plan, if we continue to see this kind of volunteer support, then on election night, we'll be able to declare victory and do so decisively" said McKenna (R).

McKenna believes the election will come down to voter turnout.

He says there are still a quarter of a million Washington residents who haven't decided who to vote for for governor.