Donut Hole residents react to annexation approval

<p>Donut Hole Map</p>

Donut Hole Map

Many residents in Franklin County's Donut Hole are frustrated with the City of Pasco today, after the city council voted to annex part of the area last night.

The portion of land being annexed is called Area #2, which is near the middle of the Donut Hole, in between Roads 52 and 68, and in between Sylvester Street and Argent Road.

Pasco City Council members started the annexation process in June, and last night, they voted to move forward with the annexation itself.

Many residents in the Donut Hole don't want to be annexed into the city, because they say they want to preserve the spacious quality of life they have in the county.

Others say they don't mind being part of the city, but those fighting to stay in the county say they're dissapointed with last night's decision.

"We don't have any say in the process. We didn't even have the option of being able to vote for these council members. They all live within the city limits" said Jan Tomlinson, Donut Hole resident.

"Doesn't upset me at all. As long as they keep the zoning laws the way they claim they're going to keep them, where folks can have their animals and their lot sizes the way they wanted" said Lane Shaw, Donut Hole resident.

Some residents have filed litigation against the city's move to annex the Donut Hole.

A hearing on that will be held Friday morning.

Residents say they plan to ask the judge to reverse the city council's decision.

But city administrators say annexing the Donut Hole is perfectly legal.

The city plans to annex Area #2 of the Donut Hole on January 1st.